My first beauty blog!

Hello there! And welcome to my first blog post on 50 Shades of Make Up!

I want to use this post as an introduction to me, what I like, what I’m about and that sort of thing.

I recently got let go from a job so I decided that it was a great time for me to actually make some time and start doing a beauty blog that I have wanted to do for quite some time. 

I first got into make up properly a few years ago when I started uni. I started watching some gurus on youtube and picking up hints and tips and I learnt that make up is a love and also a real art. So I started using these tips and immediately people started commenting on how good my make up was.

Then I started posting photos online and people were really impressed with my make up and started asking me to show them how to do it! Initially I was just sending people to YouTube to watch my favourite gurus but eventually I thought that I would actually like to start doing tutorials and blogs myself as most of my favourite gurus are based in the States and they have a lot of brands that aren’t readily available over here in the UK.

So here it is; this is the blog that I have wanted to start for ages. I hope you guys enjoy it and get something from it. Even if it’s just a new way to kill time! 

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