My First MUA Lipstick!

Hi There and Welcome back to my blog!

This is my second post and this time I will actually be talking about make up and showing off some pictures! 

So today I went shopping with my other half, mainly to get out of the house and wander about in the sunshine and, well, who needs an excuse to go shopping, right?

We wandered around and I eventually decided that I wanted to look in Boots and Superdrug at general cosmetic bits. I was looking to see if either of them stocked Too Faced as I have heard superb things about their lipsticks and was going to investigate them further. Alas, neither of them do stock Too Faced.

However, Superdrug does stock MUA. I had come across MUA a couple of Christmases ago when I purchased an eyeshadow palette for my house mate who wanted some shadows so she could start experimenting. MUA seemed like a good choice as they were inexpensive and the shadows came in a nice variety of colours for experimentation but I had no idea of the quality. Since I didn’t open or use the palette I gave her, I remained none the wiser.

Until today. A few of the beauty bloggers on Twitter that I follow had said how good the MUA Lipsticks are and when I went into Superdrug and saw that they were only a pound (£1! What make up can you get these days for a singular pound?!) I thought I would give one a go. If it was rubbish it was no real loss financially and if I loved it then that was a bonus.

So I purchased the MUA lipstick shade 7 (I think it does have a “name” but it’s not on the tube so I’m gonna stick with 7 for now).

(Apologies for the crappy phone photography done against my duvet!) 

The tube style is pretty basic in design, just your regular lipstick until you come to the very bottom of the tube that has a sample of the colour. I thought this was just for display and convenience so you can easily see what colour lipstick is inside. You can actually unscrew this bottom part and inside it is some of the actual product. I’m not sure really what purpose this serves apart from, I guess, that when your lipstick is pretty much all gone you still have a tiny bit left. Nonetheless, I was really surprised to find real product in there and I approve! 

The lipstick itself smells beautiful. It’s kind of a creamy, fruity smell and I love it. I’m quite particular about the smells of product I use because some things actually give me a headache. I once used a foundation that had an interesting smell and I could smell it all day and by the evening I had a thumping headache.

The colour is lovely and the formula is smooth and glides on really well. When it’s on the lips it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky but it feels quite moisturising.

The only downside to this lipstick, in my opinion, is that it doesn’t last amazingly long on the lips. Mine stayed on for about an hour or so, but I was talking and eating in that time so it would probably last longer if I hadn’t been stuffing my face. 

All in all I love this lipstick. I think that for a pound (ONE POUND! Did I mention it’s only A SINGULAR POUND?!) you can’t really go wrong. Even if you need to reapply the lipstick more often and it runs out faster than a more expensive one I think it makes up for it by being so ridiculously cheap.

Here’s a couple of pictures of me with the lipstick on. I really like the way it looked against my pale complexion. You have to excuse that I look greasy as I have sunscreen on and it’s just… Not a pretty look!

If you are interested in finding out more about my make up in these photos either leave me a comment on here or tweet me @50shadesmakeup.

Thanks for reading! 


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