imPRESS: Press on Manicure- Impressive?

Hi All!

Sorry again for another massive delay between blog posts, there’s been a lot going on here with job hunting (I have a job now- yay!), my other half having a proficiency test and celebrating my 2 year anniversary with him. 

Anyway, on to what this post is really about- the imPRESS press on manicure. 
I like fake nails. I think they look pretty but I am usually too cheap to keep up with having them done professionally so I have often done my own. I’d seen the imPRESS nails in the press (no pun intended) and in the shops so decided to give them a go. 

I’ve happily used traditional “DIY” fake nail kits at home, using the glue and a steady hand to achieve pretty nails but as the imPRESS ones are advertised as easy to put on and remove I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give them a go.

I got the traditional french manicure style nails that were the short length. I bought mine from Asda for £7.99 but they are available in Boots and Superdrug for a similar price and with the added bonus of getting your more points on your reward cards. 

General Comments about the imPRESS Press on Manicure
I like the packaging for these nails. Having everything in a small, nail polish sized container means that they are perfect for putting into a handbag or travel case so you can take them away with you should you so desire. They even come with a mini nail file that is attached to the instructions and all in the little container. Very nifty. 

The finish of the nails was good quality. There were no chips in the french tip or bumps or rough edges of the nails themselves. 

The imPRESS nails come in 12 sizes and state that most women will be able to get a perfect fit for both hands out of the sizes available. Usually with DIY fake nails I have no issue with size (apart from with my odd index fingers) but with the imPRESS ones I found that they just didn’t go big enough for my thumbs! I don’t think I have particularly fat thumbs as my thumb ring is actually a size smaller than my fingers. Sadly, this left a slightly unsightly gap down the side of both my thumbs and I felt like it affected the strength of the bond between nail and fake nail.

Thumb nail from the side

Thumb nail from Above

Application and Removal

These nails are advertised as easy to put on and easy to remove without damaging your natural nail. 

I would agree that the application was simple: once I had picked out the best sizes for my nails it was simply a case of pulling off the plastic and pressing the false nail firmly onto my own. As I wasn’t using a liquid glue, there was no sticky mess, no glue on the nails, and no visible bubbles underneath the false nail. Once the nails were on they felt secure, I didn’t experience any pinging which I usually do with DIY fake nails. 

As I said previously, imPRESS nails say that you can just pull them off to remove them and they will not damage your natural nails. I have a habit of getting fed up with fake nails and just pulling them off, not doing it properly, and ultimately weakening my natural nails. However, when removing the imPRESS nails although I did have to get under them with tweezers just to get leverage, they came off easily with no damage to my natural nails. Exactly as advertised! 

Overall Thoughts

I actually really liked these nails (I didn’t wear them for a week to test the longevity claims fully) as they looked nice and were very simple to apply and remove. My only real issue with them is the fact that the thumb nail sizes were not big enough for me personally and they are a little bit on the expensive size. They do, however, do a lovely range of really nice patterns and designs and I would certainly consider using them again for a night out or an event. 

Here’s a couple of photos of my hands with nails so you can see the full effect!

(Please excuse the laptop and nail paraphernalia in the background!) 

Thanks for reading!

Next time I want to discuss shampoo and conditioner!!

Stay Safe and Wonderful!


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