Pretty in Piercings: Beautifully Different

Hi all!

Another blog post for you today but I don’t want to talk about beauty in the traditional sense of make up and skin care. I want to discuss the other beauty love of my life- Body piercings.

My love affair with them started when I was quite young. I was 8 when I first got my ears pierced (in a hairdressers- eek!) and since then I have had a total of 40 piercings. 

My first seven piercings were in my ears and all done in ways I’m not proud of, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend, by piercings guns in various jewellers. When I was younger I assumed this was the way it was always done, it was how my mum had her ears piercings and since it was so common I also assumed it was the best way to be pierced. I now know a lot more about piercings and know this is not the case.

My first forray in to the field of “proper” piercings was when I was 17. I was into my punk rock, studs and other things and a friend of a friend had a tongue piercing. I was immediately smitten and I decided I needed one in my life. Being a fairly sensible 17 year old I used the internet to do some research about what I was letting myself in for and I stumbled across the BME (Body Modification Ezine) website. 

The BME website is something I recommend anyone who is interested in a piercing (or tattoo or other modifcation) should look at. It’s a great place to see pictures, read experiences of others so you get some ideas of what to expect and to get in touch with both artists and those with mods. If you are a mod virgin it gives you great tips for what to look for in a studio and artist and recommendations. 

The website helped me know what to look for in a good studio and because I knew what to expect (at least a bit) it made my first experience much more pleasant and less scary.

Since then I have had nearly all of my piercings done by one studio in Brighton, East Sussex called Punktured. I always go back because I know that I will be getting piercings but people who know what they are doing, are fully qualified, love what they do and genuinely care about their customers. I recommend them to anyone. Even if you live a distance away (I am now based an hour and a half away from them) it is certainly worth the journey. 

My Piercing Journey in Pictures

Today I am down to only 27 piercings, the ones in my ears and my nostril. Sadly, in the current employment market, I need to be as employable as possible and it seems that people still judge employability on your looks to an extent so I have toned down the piercings.

I still maintain that the number of piercings or tattoos someone has is no reflection on how good or poor they will be at a certain job. 

I’d certainly like to get some more piercings (and tattoos eventually) because I think they are beautiful. I think they can really accentuate a piece of your body and you can adorn yourself with shiny things.

I’d love to know what you guys think about piercings and modifications. Do you have some? Love them? Hate them? Have you been treated differently because of your mods? Would you like some piercings and need some advice? 

Leave me a comment and share your thoughts or questions and I will do my best to reply or help!

Stay Safe and Wonderful! 


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