My Eyelashes- A Story of Lost and Found.

Hey guys! 
It’s been a long time again, I won’t flood you with excuses for my absence but I will apologise.

Today I want to talk to you about eyelashes. Specifically, my eyelashes and a tragedy that befell them a few weeks ago. 

On the 3rd of September, after finishing work, I came home to get ready to go out to celebrate a friend’s birthday party. During my usual make up routine, I curled my eyelashes, but my arm slipped midway through and I pulled out a clump of my eyelashes on my right eye. Naturally, I was panicked. I had a bald spot on my eyelid. I knew I had false eyelashes in my make up drawer but I had never applied them to myself before. 

After calling my boyfriend due to the emergency, he came home with some eyelash glue from a friend since I couldn’t find mine in my blind, bald eyelid panic. 

After several attempts I managed to apply my false eyelashes to a satisfactory level. We went to the party and I revealed my eyelash-y secret and everyone said it was impossible to notice- whether they were just being good friends or honest I don’t know but it definitely made me feel better.

Over the next few weeks I tried various things to hide the missing clump of eyelashes. I tried just covering my eye with my fringe (thank goodness my fringe covers that eye!), I tried just eyeliner and I tried false eyelashes.

Once I had got used to applying false eyelashes (and don’t get me wrong it still takes me several attempts and I always have to touch up the liquid eyeliner under them) I actually started to like them. I wore them to work a few times and if we were going out. With simple eyeliner and a pink lip, I felt that they gave me a pin up style. 

Despite liking the look of the false eyelashes, I knew it wasn’t something I would want to do every day. I would much rather have an extra 20 minutes in bed than using it to apply false eyelashes. Naturally, I was concerned about my eyelashes ever growing back. I searched on google (of course!) and most answers suggested it would take up to 7 weeks for my eyelashes to grow back. In spite of this I was still worried that I had done lasting damage to the follicle and would have a bald patch for the rest of my life. 

7 weeks later my eyelashes have nearly grown back to their former glory. I can now where mascara without it look daft and I don’t need fake eyelashes to make it look like I have eyelashes- because I have my own!

Although it was pretty horrible to pull my eyelashes out in the first place, it wasn’t pain free and being a girl having long eyelashes (or any eyelashes) is a sort of benchmark for beauty, I am sort of thankful. It forced me to actually learn how to apply false eyelashes properly which I feel has opened up a bigger world of make up possibilities for me for events like Hallowe’en.

For anyone else who has an eyelash mishap with curlers, or anything else, don’t worry! They will grow back. It might take a while and you will probably be checking the mirror every day for a sign of new hairs but they will appear. 

Thank you for reading the story of my eyelashes!

Stay Safe and Wonderful,

Lexy xXx

The Eyelash Saga in Photos

(Disclaimer: The following photos involve some strange photos of my eye so if that sort of thing makes you feel funny, avoid the last photo)

These first two photos were taken on my phone, the night that I pulled my eyelashes out. They’re not the best quality because it’s actually quite hard to take a photo of your own eyelashes. The photo on the left is without make up, after the party and the photo on the right was taken pretty much immediately after I had pulled them out. 

This next photo is probably my favourite one of myself wearing false eyelashes. This was taken on the way to a Christening and I rally like the simplicity of the eye, the boldness of the lashes and the softness of the pink lipstick. 

Please excuse the crazy eye in this photo, it was the best way to show off that I had regrowth of my lashes. This was taken about a week ago but you can see that all the eyelashes are growing back again but are just not quite at their full length.


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