Long Time, No Blog!

Hello Lovelies!

I know it’s been a really long time since I last did a blog and I finally have a day off and a couple of free hours to update you all on what’s been going on!

So first some explanations about why I’ve been out of the blogasphere for so long; the main reason is because I have been promoted at work. Not only do I now work full time hours but I am now the Assistant Manager of the store which means added stress, less sleep and less time to blog! 
Because I work longer hours now I have been finding less time to shop and less time to try out new products. However, I have recently purchased a few bargain beauty bits and I am going to test them all out and get some feedback for you guys!

Also my boyfriend and I are saving up to get our own place some time this year so it means that I am trying not to buy as much as I used to. I’m sort of succeeding but I’m still finding some spare cash to spend while I still can!

Speaking of spending money, that is actually what I wanted to blog about today. I have previously mentioned my love of Sugar and Vice Designs and I am going to revisit that today. 

I had been looking at the website for ages, trying to decide on which pieces to purchase to add to my collection. There are so many amazing pieces that I couldn’t decide so I decided to do a Lucky Dip Box.  I opted for the £30 option because I didn’t think that £20 would be enough for me to sate my addiction and £50 was a little more than I wanted to spend. The Lucky Dip Boxes are pretty self explanatory; you pay a set amount of money and in return you get a randomly selected choice of Sugar and Vice pieces. When you place your order you can choose from “Cute” or “Creepy” and you can state whether or not to include pieces for pierced ears (you can also add additional information such as if you are Vegan so you won’t get a burger necklace included in your box!) 

When you order a £20 gift box you receive products worth at least £35, the £30 box nets you at least £50 worth of goodies and the £50 contains at least £75 of fabulous things!

So I ordered a £30 Cute Lucky Dip Box and chose the option for pierced ears and here is what I got!: 

Raven Earrings (Butterfly Backed Studs)

Unicorn Horn Earrings (Drops from Silver Stud) 

Teapot Necklace (On Silver Chain) 

Galaxy Necklace (On Gold Chain)

Anchor Necklace (On Chunky Silver Chain)

The necklaces all come on metal chains complete with a little S&V charm by the clasp and the entire selection came in the stunning box pictured below!

The contents of my Lucky Dip Box totalled £58 which is nearly double what I actually paid! I am planning on ordering another box after I get paid at the end of the month, as a kind of DIY Subscription.

All of these pieces are handmade and are simply beautiful. If you are looking for some accessories with a unique flair at a reasonable price I urge you to check our Sugar and Vice. Not only do they stock standard pieces but they are always willing to do commission pieces!

I will try not to leave it so long until I next blog, although my boyfriend and I are off on holiday at the end of the month so it will probably be after we get back!!

Stay Safe and Wonderful!


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