Lip Lovin’!

Hello again my lovelies!

I said it wouldn’t be as long of a gap between my last post and this one as there was between the previous blogs and I actually managed to stick to my word! You may also notice a slight change in the name of my blog. I decided that I didn’t want to be a blog that sounded like it was 100% make up 100% of the time because it clearly hasn’t gone that way, despite it being my intention in the beginning. It is, however, 100% me and I have been using the nick name Faerie Corpsey online for many years now so it just made sense to include that in the blog in some form.

As I mentioned in my last post, my boyfriend and I went away for a week to the north of Wales and we had a really great, relaxing time. The only slight struggle was only have 2G internet service for the week which meant sending iMessages to my best friend in Australia was a bit hit and miss and I couldn’t always clear the notifications from my iPhone which kinda drives me nuts. But other than that it was beautiful, quiet and relaxing and exactly what we both needed.

So on to the topic of the blog today: Lip Balms. 

I have a real issue with dry lips. They don’t split or crack from dryness very often but I feel that they do dry out a lot and I find that when my lips are dry I cannot concentrate so a good pocket sized lip balm is a necessity for me on a daily basis. I have tried a few and I try to have several available to me at any one time because I am so good at losing them (I have currently misplaced one of my current batch and I am quite annoyed about it). 

I’m going to talk today about the 3 I have in my lip arsenal at the moment and a lip balm I won at a previous place of employment and give you my opinion on them!

This is my second of these chap sticks since the first one got put through the wash and went a bit… minging. It’s a strawberry chapstick (as the name suggests) and smells beautiful when you apply it. Not only does it smell of strawberry but when you lick your lips it also tastes sweet which is nice, instead of plain taste of the balm. I really like the feel of this on the lips, it does feel moisturising and nice and slippy (for want of a better word). It’s also got SPF 10 in it, so the sun protection isn’t high but it is there and if you reapply as much as I do the SPF will come into it’s own. I find that it doesn’t need reapplying too often either so this one definitely gets a thumbs up. It’s a great price, smells and tastes great and hydrates your lips!

I picked this up on a lunch break because I couldn’t find my normal chap stick and I needed a balm desperately. Again it’s a strawberry salve but this one only smells of strawberry, it doesn’t have a flavour which isn’t necessarily a bad thing it’s just the taste of a plain lip balm. The smell actually smells like Red Bull which is a smell I used to really hate but I don’t mind it now but bear that in mind if that’s a smell that could bother you! I would say this one is still moisturising but in my opinion doesn’t feel as smooth on the lips and probably needs reapplying more often than the chap stick. This one also doesn’t have any SPF in it which is a bit of a shame for the upcoming summer. (In the writing of this blog I have actually lost this!)

I’d seen a few people reviewing these (although I haven’t actually read any or watched any reviews of the products) but I got the feeling these were a bit of a rave product. Then I noticed one of my colleagues at work using one and I thought it was about time that I bought one. These are lip balms but some of them come with a tint as well.  I bought Peach Kiss which has, funnily enough, a peachy tint with some glittery flecks as well. It is nicely hydrating, although probably not quite as hydrating as the chap stick, and it has SPF 20 as well. It does have a fragrance which is sweet and fruity and very pleasant. It doesn’t have any flavour to it but the tint is lovely. The Baby Lips feel really nice on the lips and last fairly well so reapplication isn’t too frequent.

I won this item at work quite some time ago so my review is based mostly from memory so it may be a little vague. As the name suggests this is meant for really chapped, dry lips. Because of my aforementioned inability to function with dry lips, my lips rarely reach a level of chapped-ness to really require a hard core balm so I probably didn’t get the full benefits from this lip balm. However, it is nicely hydrating when your lips are just a little dry and when you apply it is has a lovely sheen which makes it look like you’re wearing lip gloss without a sticky, drying formula. As with all Clinique products there are no added fragrances or flavours so it doesn’t have a scent or a taste but the neutral taste (Whut?) of it, isn’t disgusting. It’s a fairly long lasting formula but it doesn’t come with any SPF which is a real shame, at the high price of £13 you would think that there would be some sun protection.

Over all…

Personally, my go to two products here would be the chap stick for general every day use and the Baby Lips for adding a little bit of colour (nice on those barely there make up days). Both are reasonably priced with SPF and hydrating enough for day to day use.

So, that’s all for today. I hope this was of some use to someone! I have a couple of make up items I want to review soon (I know I keep saying this!) and I am thinking of doing an actual fashion post… I don’t know if that would be of any interest to any of you guys but let me know!

Thanks for Reading!

Stay Safe and Wonderful


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