Express Nails from Elegant Touch- Better Than imPRESS?

Hello Lovelies!

I like fake nails. I’ve probably said it before but I’m going to say it again- I like fake nails. I’m usually too lazy to get them done professionally (although I do think they are beautiful) and because of my job the professional ones are not particularly practical. 

Recently, I’ve been stressing about work and I’ve been sick so my cuticles have taken a real pounding. Not only are they drying out because of being ill and stressed but when I am stressed I tend to pick at them and make them worse. I decided that a good way to stop myself doing this was to put on false nails. A friend of mine got me some imPRESS ones for Christmas but they are far too pretty to wear for only a couple of days (I was planning to take them off again tomorrow when I go back to work, having given my cuticles a break) so on Sunday, during my lunch break, I went to boots and purchased the Express Nails in French Pink from Elegant Touch. They are a pound cheaper than imPRESS in Boots and I found previously that the thumb sizes from imPRESS are just too small. 

So on Sunday night I sized up the appropriate nails and began the easy process of applying the nails. Same as with the imPRESS nails, its a case of pulling the back off and pushing the nails down firmly on the nail. It was a quick and easy process and, although they were a bit longer than I would usually like, I was soon happily playing Left 4 Dead with some friends on Steam. 

The nails claim to be a 7 day manicure. They didn’t feel as well attached as the imPRESS ones did but they felt fairly secure and were fine for my general life on a Sunday evening. However, I woke up on Monday morning, went to the loo and my right index finger nail promptly pinged off. I tried to reapply the nail but the glue would just not hold so I pulled the other nails off. The manicure lasted around 12 hours. 

Would I recommend these? Not really. For a one night wear for a night out they would be ok but they are a bit pricey and there is no guarantee they would last for the entire night. I personally would go for the imPRESS nails if I was after a quick and easy false nail experience, even though the thumb nails do come up a bit small I would say that it’s not really overly noticeable.  The application and removal process was easy and my nails are no worse off for having pulled them off but again I would go for the imPRESS nails!

They were pretty whilst they lasted though….

Stay Safe and Wonderful!


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