18th June 2014- The Week Ahead

Hi Lovelies!

Today I thought I would do a post telling you about what’s coming up in my life this week. I was thinking of making this a weekly post (maybe on a Sunday?) but as of yet I haven’t decided and I can’t decide on a punchy title so if you have any thoughts, please let me know!

So on to this upcoming week. I have 8 days off from work this week so I actually have some plans! 

Yesterday I got my hair cut and took the plunge and went for a full fringe. I’ve been edging there slowly over the years but I did it yesterday. 

Tomorrow sees my 3 Year anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend, Si. He has to work at lunch time (he’s a driving instructor and has to take someone for their test) so we are going to do presents in the morning and then go out to dinner in the evening. I think we will probably go to Nando’s because we both love it but I may do a blog post related to my outfit or make up or both! Watch this space.

On Friday we are going up to London to meet up with my best friend and go to the Natural History Museum as part of our anniversary celebrations. I love the museum, it is one of my favourite places that I have been visiting since I was a small child. I am planning to do an outfit post for our London trip so keep your eyes peeled for that one too!

Saturday we are seeing some friends for a BBQ (as long as the weather holds out) that we haven’t seen properly since this time last year! We went to see them and their little daughter whilst Andy Murray was winning Wimbledon!

I then have a further 3 days off that will probably consist mainly of washing, tidying and packing.

Anyway, I hope that you are all having a wonderful week and I will endeavour to catch up with you all soon!

Stay Safe and Wonderful,


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