A Hopeless Blogger…

Hello Lovelies!

This post is purely an apology for being absent for weeks, despite saying I would be posting.

We moved house a month ago  and in between that and being at work I haven’t had much time to myself. The time I have had to myself I’ve been pretty ill and just trying to recuperate. 

The outfit posts I had planned didn’t go as I intended when I didn’t take pre going out photos and planned to take them afterwards and I got really horrific patchy sun burn. I don’t want you to judge me as I am a HUGE advocate of SPF, and I had actually applied some that morning, and reapplied in the afternoon. I can only assume that I hadn’t shaken the bottle properly to mix it up as it worked in patches!! Anyway, I didn’t want the internet to see my nasty red patches so the photos didn’t happen.

On to more positive things: We are fairly settled into our new place and our house mate is officially moving in this week. I have bank holiday Monday off from work which means I will (hopefully) get to hang out with friends who I usually miss out on hanging out with due to conflicting work schedules. And now that we are fairly settled in and not in so much mess I will be intending to blog more and take photos and hopefully start some vlogs on YouTube!

Anyway, I hope you guys are all well.

Stay Safe and Wonderful!



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