Weekly Round Up – 17th January 2016

Hello Lovelies!

This is not my usual kind of blog post – actually talking about something specific – But I set myself the goal of posting something every Sunday at midday so this week will be no different.

I will explain why I haven’t properly prepared content this week and it is because on of my best friends has been staying with me! We live a fair few miles apart and due to personal circumstances we don’t get to see each other as much as we would like to but this time last week he came up to stay. We haven’t got up to much so there wasn’t a bloggable opportunity there but we have watched quite a lot of films. I have now seen 3 of the 4 Scream movies which, for some reason, I hadn’t seen before!

I have also successfully cooked a yummy roast dinner and a very yummy batch of cookies – I will be the perfect housewife in no time.

In other news I am hoping to go and start looking at wedding dresses on Tuesday as the big day is slowly looming closer and closer! I am excited to have a look and see what our local bridal shop offers but I am also nervous as I am a plus size girl and I don’t want to be looked down on. 

We had some snow this morning, when I woke up at half 7 there was a light dusting and then when I woke up again at 9.20 (It’s Sunday – it’s allowed!) it was gently snowing. It seems to have stopped now but I do wonder if we will get much more of the white stuff before the winter is out?

I think that is it for my round up, I apologise that this blog hasn’t been a “proper” one. Hopefully I will have a good one to do next week.

Stay Safe and Wonderful!



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