Things are Lookin’ Rosey!

Hi Lovelies!

I realise that I have failed on my Sunday/Monday update for which I apologise so I hope this blog will make up for it.

I’ve got a new part time job so I officially now have some money coming in which is something of a relief! 

I also mentioned a new camera purchase. It has arrived and as such I have taken some photos for this blog post. The lighting isn’t great, I was watching a thing on tv that was fairly blue and it has tinged some of the photographs. I am learning though and I think these photos are much better than the previous iPhone ones I have shared with you!

I am just going to add a quick warning, that next week’s schedule will probably be different again as I am away visiting my parents for my dad’s 60th birthday! 

Anyway, on to what this blog post is really about. I have recently been absolutely LOVING rose gold and coppery tones. If you had said to me (or my mum!) a few years ago that I would ever wear any jewellery that wasn’t silver toned I would have thought you were mad. Turns out though, that you would have been right! My love for rose gold hasn’t stopped at jewellery though as I have a few other items featuring rose gold tones. I have to say, I have found it a bit difficult to actually find things in rose gold – specifically costume jewellery- which I was surprised by as I thought it was the metal of the moment! 

Without further ado, let me show you my Rose Gold Stash and let you know where you can find your own rose goldmine!


The first item is this gorgeous “Stargazer” necklace by Estella Bartlett  from ASOS.
This rose gold plated necklace is in very tiny script, on a delicate plated chain with a lobster clasp fastening. It came in really cute packaging and it’s lovely and dainty so can be worn alone or layered with other necklaces.


IMG_0080The next thing on the list are these delicate rose gold square studs also from ASOS. I have a lot of lobe piercings in my ears (4 per ear) so what I really like about these is that the stem of the earring is along the centre of one side so I can still wear other earrings with these.

Talking of other earrings, finding fairly plain, small, rose gold studs to put in all my other lobe piercings actually proved more difficult than you might imagine!  I ended up finding this 9 pack in Claire’s Accessories which are just clear Cubic Zirconia type stones set into Rose Gold.

Not happy with simply having Rose Gold accessories, I found this beautiful (sadly a bit creased and unironed) T-Shirt in Primark! It has the quote “Never forget who you are” from The Lion King emblazoned across the whole T-shirt, which is a heavy, stretchy material in an off white colour. I think this cost me £6 which I think is a total steal for a nice T-shirt covered in glitter!

I love shoes! Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I have a shoe addiction and that I have far too many pairs – I personally don’t think this is possible! I found these little pumps in my local New Look. I actually went in to look for some Jelly Shoes (because I am super cool and thought they might be good for our honeymoon as the weather should be fairly decent by then!) and in the sale section I found these beauties! They are little, flat, ballet pumps in rose gold colour with snake skin pattern and finish with little rope bows. These were an absolute bargain at £4 and they are super comfortable.

To finish off the ensemble, I wanted to get a new watch. I’d been after a new watch for a while and had initially been looking at getting and Olivia Burton one. However, I decided that as I had left my job, an Olivia Burton watch was a little bit out of my price range so I stumbled upon this lovely watch on Debenhams’ website! It’s by the brand Floozie by Frost French who’s handbags I really love (I recently got a lovely bucket bag from them that should be featuring on the blog soon!) and it’s a Rose Gold toned watch with a picture of an owl and some roses on a lovely light grey strap. Possibly my favourite detail on this watch is on the face, between the 7 and 9 it says “Time Flies” and I don’t think a truer word has been said, especially with a wedding on the horizon. All the hands and hardware are rose gold toned, including the buckle which include the Floozie branding.

So that’s the end of my little rose gold collection! I am loving the tone at the moment so if you know anywhere else I can find some more rose gold bits, do let me know!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day and a good week.

Stay Safe and Wonderful



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