50 Shades of Overcast – ZSL London Zoo

Hello Again Lovelies!

Apologies that this blog is arriving a couple of days later than planned, I started a new job this week and on Sunday, when I should have been writing this, we went to buy a new mattress!

This is another blog as part of my series of things to do in the UK. I hope you enjoy!

ZSL London Zoo


What is it?

I think, with this one, the clue is in the name. It is a zoo in the middle of London. It has a lot of the usual animals you would expect to find in a zoo (Lions and Tigers but no bears – oh my!) And there are also talks about the animals by the keepers and the zoo runs conservation projects.


How do I get there?

As the zoo is in the centre of London, it is probably easier and more enjoyable to go by public transport. When we went, we used the tube to Regents Park station and then walked through the park. There is a bus from Regents Park station but we couldn’t actually find the correct bus stop so we walked. The signs claim that the walk through the park is 20 minutes long but I would say it’s closer to half an hour depending on the speed of your walk. You can also get the tube to Camden Road and then get the bus numbered 274 which goes to the zoo. Both stations are on the Northern line (which is the black line on the tube map).


What should I wear?

Comfortable footwear is an absolute essential for this one as you will be walking around the zoo a lot. If you also decide to walk through Regent’s Park to get to the zoo this adds more walking to your day. The majority of the zoo is outside so the weather will probably dictate a lot of what you wear. The day that we went was actually decidedly chilly so layers are a must. We did find ourselves going into some warmer areas such as the butterfly house and the Amazonian parts just to warm up a bit!


What about food?

The zoo does have a restaurant that sells really nice hot food, hot drinks and other various bits. However, as expected, it is quite expensive. A bowl of chips cost £3.95 and the portion size wasn’t huge. You could take a packed lunch and find somewhere nice to sit and eat it. I don’t know if the restaurant seating is available for sitting with your own food but if the weather is good you can just find a nice space in the sun to camp down.


How much does it cost?

Entry to the zoo costs £28.10 for an adult and £20.39 for children between 3 and 15 if you buy the tickets on the gate. You can book your tickets online and get more of a discount. The ticket price does include a donation for the zoo’s conservation projects which, if you are a UK tax payer, you can also gift aid. If you travel to the zoo on the train you can also get vouchers which give you two for one entry to the zoo as long as you present your train tickets along with the voucher at the ticket window.


Anything else I should know?

The zoo spans both sides of a fairly main road so make sure you don’t miss out on visiting both sides.  There are also some areas where the animals or birds are free roaming so be aware that animals can come up to you and might touch you. These areas are obvious and there are signs up about what to be careful of when you are in these areas. There are also talks and feeds at certain times of the day and the areas where these are taking place (such as Penguin Beach at 1.30 for feeding) get pretty busy so if you have small children and you want to get a good spot, it is worth getting there early.


I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and found some of it useful! If you have any questions or think I’ve missed anything out on this, please do let me know.

Have a fabulous day!

Stay Safe and Wonderful,



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