50 Shades of Overcast – FAST Museum, Farnborough

Hello my lovelies!

I am back after my recent absence and I am now a wife and I can say that I have been outside of Europe as we visited Canada for our honeymoon.

Despite having seen some wonders in Canada, I am continuing my series on things to do right here at home in the UK and today I am talking about Farnborough Air Sciences Trust (FAST) Museum in Farnborough, Hampshire.

What is it?

The Fast Museum is a museum showcasing all things aeronautical. There is a huge amount of aeronautical history in Farnborough and it is the place where the Air Accidents Investigation Bureau is based in the UK. (For anyone else who watched Air Crash Investigation this will mean a lot to you!) The museum includes an interactive helicopter blade, a jet engine and an interactive replica of the cockpit of Concorde.


How do I get there?

Farnborough is serviced by two railway stations – Farnborough (Main) and Farnborough (North) which are roughly 40 minutes out from London Waterloo. I would recommend the best way from the station is actually to get a taxi because the walk is a little long (especially if the weather is unpleasant which is quite likely in the UK!) but this shouldn’t cost too much.


What should I wear?

It is a museum so I would just say something casual and comfortable. The museum is not huge so super comfy shoes are not a necessity but you don’t need to dress up for the museum. We went in the summer so I am not sure of how cold the museum would be in the winter months. There are a couple of external buildings which may be cold in the winter so it might be worth having some layers with you.


What about food?

The museum will not take up a full day to go around so you can easily go off site to get something for lunch without worrying about losing precious time. There is a small tea shop on site but we didn’t venture into it so I can’t comment on the price or quality of the food and drink.


How much does it cost?

Entrance to the museum itself is absolutely free. You can make a donation if you want to and there is a gift shop for all your aeronautical knick knacks!


Anything else I should know?


The staff at the FAST museum are extremely knowledgable and are more than happy to talk to you about anything and everything aeronautical. This is a small museum that runs on donations and volunteers so there is a possibility that some exhibits will not be working or will be out for restoration.

As always, I hope this was useful and if you have any questions or think I’ve missed anything, do let me know!

Stay Safe and Wonderful



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