Lush – A Winter’s Haul

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all well!

I don’t know about you, but when the weather starts to turn colder, my first thoughts are of hot baths and roast dinners. This post focuses on the first of these, because when I think of baths I instantly think of Lush. With this in mind, I have recently made a couple of lush orders online and I wanted to share with you what I got!

I went online at first to look at Lush’s Hallowe’en range after seeing a fair few YouTubers talking about the new products but to my surprise when I went on the website I discovered that Lush’s Christmas range was there. Ready. And just waiting to be bought. So I obliged.


When I knew that Lush had released their Christmas goodies, I knew that it was time I got my hands on a fresh bottle of Snow Fairy. Snow Fairy is a limited edition cult classic that is only available once a year at Christmas time, that smells gloriously of sweeties and looks beautiful in shimmering pink and is a must have for my bathroom. Not only do I love Snow Fairy, but my husband loves it as well so I know it will not go to waste. I got a 250g bottle this time but I am hoping that someone will get me some more for Christmas or my birthday so I will have stock until next Christmas!


A Lush haul isn’t a Lush haul without including a bath bomb and I bought two!

The first one I got is Shoot for the Stars (I didn’t realise how many of my Lush goodies were starry – I love stars and I have a blog post coming up on all things starry!) which is a gorgeous electric blue colour with rich, gold stars. It smells mostly of honey and I think it is going to be a wonderful relaxing soak in the bath with a luxurious twist with the gold glitter. It might not be quite so much fun cleaning up the bath afterwards though!


The other bath bomb I got was Star Dust which I think smells like ButterBall (a lovely, vanilla scent) and is a plain white star shaped bomb. If it is anything like the ButterBall it will be deliciously moisturising and smell beautiful. I am led to believe that when you pop the Star Dust bomb into your bath it does not remain the plain white it appears, and will leave you with a pretty surprise.


Keeping with the star theme, I also bought the The Magic of Christmas Re-usable bubblebar. I bought one of these last year because it just smells so quintessentially festive. It’s mounted on a cinnamon stick with cloves and (I think) a star anise set into the main star shaped bar, smells of cinnamon and oranges and is tied off with a bow and a sleigh bell.


When the weather gets colder, my eczema tends to get worse. The dry air and increased use of central heating tends to dry me out and my skin suffers for it.

Because of this, I decided I would try out some of Lush’s Luxury Bath Oils. I ordered the You’ve Been Mangoed  which is a tiny little green pebble which looks a bit like an avocado and smells very citrussy. The other I bought was the Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment which is a little round disc, pink on one side and orange on the other which smells of the same sweet fragrance as Snow Fairy.  I haven’t yet used these so I will see if I think that they do help my skin out and I will review them in due course.


The final thing that I ordered, is again to help out with my eczema. I read some reviews online of the Sympathy for the Skin hand and body lotion which quite a lot of people recommended for people who suffer from eczema. When you open the tub, it looks like custard, complete with vanilla seeds and it smells like it too! The texture is quite light and easily absorbed but only time will tell if it actually helps my poor, red skin out. I will try and review this as well once I’ve given it a good trial.


I hope you enjoyed my little Lush Haul.

What are your Lush faves for Autumn? Do you have any recommendations for me and my eczema that I don’t seem to have thought of? Please let me know!

As always, Stay Safe and Wonderful

Lexy x


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