On The Lash! – Eyelash Extensions Experience

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the change into autumn and winter.

I have to say that I really enjoy the winter months, I enjoy the evenings drawing in, the cosiness of fluffy socks and toast and the build up to Christmas. I will be doing a post on “winter warmers” soon – things I think are necessities for the colder months ahead.

But for now, I wanted to talk to you all about Eyelash extensions and my experiences with them.

As you know, I got married in August, and I knew that I wanted to add some oomph to my lashes. I have used strip lashes before but I find that they tend to come off in the inside corner and become irritating and I was concerned about how they would hold up if I broke down in tears on the big day.

I decided to do a trial run on them for my Hen Do – in case I turned out to be horribly allergic to them or if I just hated them.

I booked an appointment at a local salon and I had a skin test done behind my ear about a week prior to my appointment. If you have any kind of irritation behind your ear, you don’t want to go ahead and get the lashes considering how sensitive the eye area is!

I went to the appointment after work one day and had the lashes applied. The therapist looked at my eyelashes and recommended the best length to suit me (based on my natural lashes and how much weight they can support) and she began the application. First the therapist sticks pads over your bottom eyelashes to stop them getting glued to your top ones and effectively having your eyes glued shut. The pads are not uncomfortable but they do feel strange, they are kind of like blister plasters and are cool to the touch. The therapist then attaches the false lashes to your own lashes, one at a time.

After all the lashes are attached (you can have a full set or a half set – I opted for half as my natural lashes are quite thick if not very long) the therapist gets you to slowly open your eyes whilst they check to make sure none of the little bottom lashes have managed to sneak through and get glued to your lash extensions. If any have got stuck, the therapist will gently separate them and then will get you to sit up. You may find that your eyes are a little itchy afterwards but this is quite normal and will go off quickly. If the itching continues, you should go back to your therapist as soon as possible to get them removed as this is more than likely to be an allergic reaction (you should have already had the skin test so this is unlikely but allergies can occur even when you have not been allergic to something previously).

The therapist will give you some aftercare instructions to make sure your lashes last as long as possible – you need to keep them dry for the first 24 hours, try not to touch them for 24 hours, do not use oil based make ups or cleansers as these will loosen the glue and make the lashes fall out and do NOT pick at them. You usually get given a spooley as well to brush through your lashes to keep them looking neat as they can start to get tangled. Lashes can last anything up to 6 weeks, but will fall out along with your natural lashes. If you have false lashes applied at the start of your eyelash hair’s cycle, these will last the longest, if you eyelash hair is about to fall out, it will take the extension with it.

I absolutely adored my false eyelashes, they lasted well and looked amazing. I didn’t need to wear eye make up and it was nice to feel done up without having to put in too much effort – perfect for a Hen Do!


(Full disclaimer – this photo has been touched up to make my skin look better but I have not edited the lashes in anyway)

After loving the lashes so much for my Hen, I decided I would definitely be having them for the wedding but I wanted a totally fresh set for the big day.

I went to the same salon for my next set, but this time when I sat up, I was over come by the fumes of the glue as soon as I sat up so my eyes were stinging quite a lot and they were pretty blood shot. This calmed down pretty quickly though and I had beautiful lashes ready for my wedding day.

The lashes held up in the heat and stress of the day (no tears though because apparently I am without feelings and showed no emotions on the day!) but when we went on our honeymoon I noticed my eyes were much itchier than before. I think this was hay fever, I had suffered so badly the day after the wedding. I was trying not to rub my eyes but they were very watery.

Sadly, the lashes didn’t last as well this time, I think probably in part because of the horrendous hay fever, but they still looked good for the wedding.

Would I have them done again?
I think I would. They are expensive though and not something I would keep up with regularly as repeated use can damage your natural lashes. But for an occasion or as a special treat I think I would go for it!

I hope this explained a little bit about what having lash extensions done is like. If you have any questions about it or comments, please feel free to ask!

Stay Safe and Wonderful,


Lexy x


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