Unboxing My Little Box – December

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you are all well and not getting too stressed out with Christmas and holiday preparations.

I am getting fully into the festive spirit now (although I would appreciate it if the weather could get a little bit chillier!) and so are My Little Box! For those of you who don’t know, My Little Box is a subscription box, based in Paris, that costs £14.95 per month (including postage) where you receive make up, beauty and lifestyle goodies to your door every single month.

I love this subscription, I signed up back in the summer, and I am still really enjoying it. The boxes have such a good range of things in them and because it’s not just make up and beauty I find that it stays exciting.

So last week, the December box dropped through my door (well it was handed through the door because it won’t fit through the letter box) and I thought it was so great that I would share the contents with you!

img_1943So let’s start by talking about how beautiful the box itself is. I love the cutesy kitsch print on this and it came tied in a  lovely bottle green ribbon (that I have since lost) and it’s just lovely.

img_1944On opening the box, the first thing you come to is this very cute little print. I think this is really adorable and you could easily put this in a frame or send it as a card to someone you love and wanted to share the cuteness with.



The first item in the box is a really lovely eyeshadow duo from the My Little Box in house beauty line “My Little Beauty”. I always appreciate an eyeshadow duo and I think these colours are really wearable and great for this time of year. I haven’t tried them out yet so I cannot comment on the pigment or the durability of these but I will certainly be trying them out very soon.

img_1947The next item is tea! And, if you hadn’t guessed from this blog’s title – I love tea! I am trying to expand my tea repertoire because I do usually play it fairly safe but it’s on my 2017 “resolutions” list. This is a lovely tin of loose leaf tea from Kusmi Tea who are based on the Champs Elysées in Paris, made from a blend of black tea, oranges and spices. It smells so festive and I can’t wait to give it a try.

img_1948This box also contains a Salted Caramel Spread from the famous Wilkin & Sons,Tiptree (I know my best friend is a big fan of their jams!). I love salted caramel things so I am looking forward to trying this on a bit of toast (maybe with Nutella as well for a really indulgent Christmas treat).

img_1950I love lip balm. It’s not a secret that I am obsessed with lip balms – I always have at least one on my person. I can’t concentrate if my lips are dry – it drives me absolutely insane. I’ve not used one of these flip balms before but I like Palmer’s Cocoa Butter and the packaging is super cute. It’s a little rose and you flip (hence the name) the lid over and the lip balm is right there – I just hope that the clip is sturdy and it doesn’t flip at random in my handbag. img_1951

Another thing I really like about My Little Box is that they include jewellery in them. This month is a gold bangle with a teal green band in the middle by a brand call Lou Yetu who I have not heard of before. I have to say that this is not the kind of thing I would go and buy myself but when I put it on I rather liked it and I may even wear it to my work’s Christmas party.

img_1956This box also includes a little travel size fragrance. I know that fragrances are such a personal thing so I won’t try and describe this here because you will either love it or hate it. Turns out, I rather like this one and I think it’ll be really good for travelling!

img_1953The last item in the box may be my favourite. Anyone who knows me (especially my husband) will tell you that I LOVE a scented candle. This one is a mini one that comes in, effectively, a shot glass and smells like Gingerbread. The smell is beautiful and it really does smell exactly like gingerbread. I cannot wait to burn it!

So that’s the contents of the December My Little Box. I really love this box – I like the variety of stuff and the chance to try things I wouldn’t normally. This would make a nice gift for a loved one (or yourself!) this Christmas.

Stay Safe and Wonderful!

Lexy x


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