My Christmas Jumpers 2016!

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all keeping well.

As Christmas grows nearer I thought it was time to start talking about Christmas jumpers. I love Christmas jumpers – some might say, in fact, I have a Christmas jumper addiction. I am also a bit of a strange size in terms of clothing – I am somewhere between a UK Size 16 and 20 which means I am not necessarily straight size or plus size (plate size I guess!) so I wanted to show you some of the options for Christmas jumpers that are out there this year!


So the first jumper I’m going to talk about, I actually got in the summer. I was watching YouTube and someone’s Vlogmas videos started playing and it got me to thinking about Christmas and jumpers so I went on to ASOS to see if they had anything in already and they had this one:

img_1977img_1992Unfortunately, this jumper is no longer available on ASOS but I really like how simple it is. It’s really soft and quite thick with a basic “Noël” written in gold. It was a bargain at only £9 so my tip is definitely to look for Christmas jumpers in the summer because there are deals to be had!


This next jumper is a Primark special. I love this because it has sausage dogs on it. As my husband will tell you I am obsessed with sausage dogs and I keep asking him when we can get one (we don’t even have our own place yet but that’s not the point!) so when my friend pointed this out to me in Primark I knew I had to get it. It’s lovely and soft and cosy and only cost £12.

img_2001img_2002This is another Primark one. This is a plain black jumper with sort of waffle style sleeves and with a sequin panel in the centre. When you brush the sequins one way they say Let It Snow and the other way they show a picture of snowflakes. If I am honest, I can’t get my sequins to lay properly on the snowflake side but for £12 I am not going to complain. I feel like this is another one that is not quite as in your face as some of the others, especially if you have the sequins showing the snowflakes.

img_1980img_1988Sticking with the Primark theme is a slightly more garish number featuring some very cute polar bears. This reminds me more of the tacky 80s skiing jumpers (Eddie the Eagle style) compared to the other jumpers I’ve featured so far. I really like this one, it’s super soft and cosy and has lovely Fairisle detailing on the cuffs and bottom hem. This one was slightly more expensive at £14.

img_1982img_1984This final one is the epitome of a tacky Christmas jumper apart from the fact it is actually a sweatshirt. This one is from George at ASDA and cost £14. It has a Christmas tree design with the words A Very Merry Christmas making up the tree. The piece de resistance is that this one lights up. And the lights flash. Obviously, I love the design of this one, but I also appreciate the fact that it is a sweatshirt because sometimes jumpers can make me a bit itchy.

I hope you enjoyed my selection of Festive Jumpers for 2016. Are you going to be rocking a tacky jumper on Christmas day or something more chic?

Stay Safe and Wonderful

Lexy x


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