Fly Me to the Moon…

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the slightly warmer weather.

I received a very exciting package in the post the other day from the wonderful Sugar and Vice Designs – I mean I was expecting it because I ordered it but I wasn’t expecting to adore it quite as much as I did.


Firstly, I think we need to talk about the outside packaging. My delivery came in this gorgeous prismatic, holographic jiffy bag with this wonderful sticker on the back. I think even if it had contained nothing but air I would still have been pretty happy to receive this!


The box that contained my goodies also has a holographic print on which I always appreciate and my husband always enjoys the free sweetie contained within!


Now onto the real point of this post – the wonder within the packaging! I ordered the beautiful Solar System necklace in the original colour way on a chunky gold chain. The original colour way is where the planets are coloured in a traditional way (so Mars is red and Earth is blue) but this necklace does come in the Galaxy colour way where the planets are more unexpected colours (Mars is blue and Earth is purple).


I opted for the 18 inch chain because I thought it would look nicer slightly longer and it gave me the option to put it under a shirt colour or layer it with a choker. I also opted to go for the gold chain as opposed to the silver or gunmetal options because I liked the look of it on Sugar and Vice’s website.


I really adore this necklace. It’s beautifully made with each planet attached to the next with a series of metal links. I’ve worn it out already and already had quite a few comments on it!

I’ve always loved Sugar and Vice and this necklace is no different. I highly recommend ordering from them. The products are beautiful and interesting and the people behind it are friendly, helpful and imaginative.

Happy Shopping!

Stay Safe and Wonderful

Lexy x


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