Shaking Things Up!

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are well and didn’t make yourselves sick on chocolate over Easter!

With the weather improving (so much so that I honestly got sun burnt a couple of weeks ago!) I find that I sometimes want to wear less make up. With less make up, I tend to step away from lipsticks and liquid lipsticks and gravitate more towards glosses and balms.

Before Christmas, I treated myself to a Lancôme Juicy Shaker in the shade Meli Melon because I wanted a moisturising lip oil to get me through the winter months and I had heard that these ones were pretty good. It was a treat because they retailed at the time for £18 (they have since gone up to £19.50) which did feel quite extravagant for a lip oil.

I immediately fell in love with it – It smells amazing, leaves a nice subtle glossy tint on the lips and does leave your lips feeling moisturised. Since I loved it so much, I found that there was a set available for Christmas of 3 shades for £31.50 on FeelUnique (I found it online in January) and it seemed crazy not to buy it considering the saving.


The Juicy Shaker is a bi-phase lip oil product which means that it is made up of 2 parts of different densities. It is made up of the pigment part that is where the mainstay of the colour of the product is, and the oil part which is the where the moisturising part is.

In order to get the pigment mixed in with the nourishing oils, you need to shake the product (that is shaped like a cocktail shaker) which mixes the parts together. The more you shake, the more pigment you get and the stronger the colour pay off.

The applicator itself, is a fairly large, conical and spongy and the small holes in the top of the bottle allow just the right amount of product onto the applicator so no product is wasted.

From L-R: Meli Melon, Vanilla Pod, Berry Tale and Freedom of Peach

So a little more information about the shades I have.

Meli Melon was the original shade I got which is a Rosy Pink shade, with a tiny bit of sparkle in it and with a watermelon scent.

Freedom of Peach is one of the trio, and it is, unsurprisingly, a peach shade and a peachy, apricotty smell.

Berry Tale is a more vibrant pink shade that smells of (I think!) cherries.

Vanilla Pod is a much deeper colour, it’s still pink, but much darker and more brown toned with a vanilla type of scent. I say type of scent, because it’s not the smell I would immediately say is pure vanilla like a candle might be but it is vanillary!

From Top – Bottom: Freedom of Peach, Vanilla Pod, Berry Tale, Meli Melon

As you can see from the swatches on my arm, the colours are very sheer but this is what I would want and expect from this kind of product. They do leave a slight stain (as I found out when trying to clean these from my arm!) so as you wear this and top it up throughout the day the colour may deepen.

They do moisturise the lips and don’t feel sticky when on like a lot of traditional glosses do. I would say there are more moisturising balms out there on the market and their are more vibrant glosses too but as a mix of the two these are pretty good.

They are quite a hefty price tag for one, so I would definitely recommend getting a gift set at Christmas or a deal if you can find one.

All in all, I really like these. They fit nicely into a handbag, especially a small clutch and give you just enough colour to add a little something without being over powering.

Are you a fan of the Juicy Shaker? Do you think there are different lip oils I should be trying out? Let me know!

Stay Safe and Wonderful

Lexy x


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