Primark Make Up Brushes – A Review

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are well and enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend despite the typical Bank Holiday weather!

Today I wanted to talk about some make up brushes I picked up in Primark  a couple of weeks ago.

IMG_2457I picked up this set of 5 make up brushes (and a silver case which said Insta Girl on it which I didn’t like and have subsequently lost) in Primark for £7!

I had watched a make up artist on Facebook doing a live stream (I can’t remember her name now!) who was saying she used quite a few Primark brushes because she thought they were as good as higher end brushes.

In the set you get 2 flat eyeshadow brushes one slightly bigger than the other, an angled liner brush, a fluffy blush brush and a stippling style brush.

IMG_2492 The brushes themselves have very soft, synthetic bristles which are a white into grey ombre style. They have a silver ferrule (yes – I looked that up on wikipedia) keeping the bristles attached to the plastic, white marble handles.

I really like these brushes. I’ve used them a couple of times and they feel nice when applying products and they don’t seem to have shed at all. They have no fly away bristles either which I have experienced with cheaper brushes (such as eyeliner brushes in liquid eyeliners) and a good overall shape.


Overall, I really like these brushes. They look lovely on a dressing table (especially along side the rose gold brushes I have), they work well and they are an absolute steal. If, like me, you like having lots of brushes to choose from I definitely recommend giving these a try!

Let me know if you have any other make up brush recommendations and, if you try these out, how you find these Primark ones!

Stay Safe and Wonderful

Lexy x


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