Shaking Things Up!

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are well and didn’t make yourselves sick on chocolate over Easter!

With the weather improving (so much so that I honestly got sun burnt a couple of weeks ago!) I find that I sometimes want to wear less make up. With less make up, I tend to step away from lipsticks and liquid lipsticks and gravitate more towards glosses and balms.

Before Christmas, I treated myself to a Lancôme Juicy Shaker in the shade Meli Melon because I wanted a moisturising lip oil to get me through the winter months and I had heard that these ones were pretty good. It was a treat because they retailed at the time for £18 (they have since gone up to £19.50) which did feel quite extravagant for a lip oil.

I immediately fell in love with it – It smells amazing, leaves a nice subtle glossy tint on the lips and does leave your lips feeling moisturised. Since I loved it so much, I found that there was a set available for Christmas of 3 shades for £31.50 on FeelUnique (I found it online in January) and it seemed crazy not to buy it considering the saving.


The Juicy Shaker is a bi-phase lip oil product which means that it is made up of 2 parts of different densities. It is made up of the pigment part that is where the mainstay of the colour of the product is, and the oil part which is the where the moisturising part is.

In order to get the pigment mixed in with the nourishing oils, you need to shake the product (that is shaped like a cocktail shaker) which mixes the parts together. The more you shake, the more pigment you get and the stronger the colour pay off.

The applicator itself, is a fairly large, conical and spongy and the small holes in the top of the bottle allow just the right amount of product onto the applicator so no product is wasted.

From L-R: Meli Melon, Vanilla Pod, Berry Tale and Freedom of Peach

So a little more information about the shades I have.

Meli Melon was the original shade I got which is a Rosy Pink shade, with a tiny bit of sparkle in it and with a watermelon scent.

Freedom of Peach is one of the trio, and it is, unsurprisingly, a peach shade and a peachy, apricotty smell.

Berry Tale is a more vibrant pink shade that smells of (I think!) cherries.

Vanilla Pod is a much deeper colour, it’s still pink, but much darker and more brown toned with a vanilla type of scent. I say type of scent, because it’s not the smell I would immediately say is pure vanilla like a candle might be but it is vanillary!

From Top – Bottom: Freedom of Peach, Vanilla Pod, Berry Tale, Meli Melon

As you can see from the swatches on my arm, the colours are very sheer but this is what I would want and expect from this kind of product. They do leave a slight stain (as I found out when trying to clean these from my arm!) so as you wear this and top it up throughout the day the colour may deepen.

They do moisturise the lips and don’t feel sticky when on like a lot of traditional glosses do. I would say there are more moisturising balms out there on the market and their are more vibrant glosses too but as a mix of the two these are pretty good.

They are quite a hefty price tag for one, so I would definitely recommend getting a gift set at Christmas or a deal if you can find one.

All in all, I really like these. They fit nicely into a handbag, especially a small clutch and give you just enough colour to add a little something without being over powering.

Are you a fan of the Juicy Shaker? Do you think there are different lip oils I should be trying out? Let me know!

Stay Safe and Wonderful

Lexy x


The Ordinary Skincare – A Review

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are well and enjoying the long Easter weekend.

Today I want to talk about The Ordinary Skincare – you might already be familiar with them as they are a hop topic on the internet at the moment.


A bit of background on The Ordinary – They are a Canadian beauty brand from the umbrella brand Deciem. They aim to provide simple skincare that is scientifically proven to work. Due to this the branding and marketing is simple and scarce without all the fluff usually associated with skin care products. They are a cruelty free brand, and as such their products are not available in China. Helpfully, there is an about section on their website if you want to read a bit more in depth.

The Ordinary is available to purchase on ASOS which means for me, as a prime member, free next day delivery. On top of this, The Ordinary is a very affordable skincare brand anyway, helped by the lack of marketing and fluff they can keep the prices down.

I decided, as I am rapidly heading towards 30, that I really should start caring for my skin a bit better and after watching Fleur De Force talking about the brand, I decided to give it a try.


I have fairly normal skin that can be a bit on the dry side. I have always been lucky and very rarely suffer from spots or particularly oil prone skin so I was looking for something quite general to protect against the signs of ageing (I can see some wrinkles starting to come into being!).

When you look on the website for The Ordinary, they have a very handy regimen guide to help you pick the items that are going to work for you based upon your skin type and what effects you are after. I opted for the “example regimen for general signs of age” so I bought “Buffet”, Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, Advanced Retinoid 2% and 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil. After watching a video by VintageorTacky I also added Caffeine Gel 5% + EGCG to help with my under eye shadows. In total I spent £42 which for 5 things I think is a bargain!


Let’s first talk about the packaging. I am a big fan of it. I love how simple it is whilst conveying all the information you need to know. The outer boxes feel high quality with a strangely soft, matte finish in monochromatic shades that look minimalist and classic.

The bottles themselves share this simple design, some in frosted glass bottles and some in brown bottles which are UV-protective to keep the ingredients safe from light damage. Despite this I would still keep the bottles in the drawer to increase longevity. The bottles also come with a pipette built in to the lid for easy application.


The products themselves are various colours and consistencies but none have any added fragrances which I like. There’s nothing worse than putting something on your face that you don’t like the smell of and have it wafting up your nostrils all day!

As for results? Well, my skin is fairly decent anyway. However, I have definitely noticed that it seems less dry (and certainly dries out when I forget to keep up with my regime) and some of my fine lines do seem to be reduced. The most improvement though, has been my under eye shadows and bags. I really did find that I noticed an improvement pretty much immediately after using the Caffeine Gel 5% + EGCG.

I definitely recommend this line of skin care, it’s effective and very affordable. You can mix it in with your current favourites as well!

The Ordinary are bringing out foundations soon and I definitely want to give them a go!

Have you tried anything from The Ordinary that you think I should give a go? Or any other skin care I should try? Let me know!

Stay Safe and Wonderful

Lexy x

Gibraltar 2017!

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are well and have come to terms with losing an hour’s sleep last weekend!

I just wanted to do a quick post about our (mine and my husband’s) short trip to Gibraltar at the end of March.

We went to Gibraltar to visit my sister-in-law and her family as she lives out there and it means we only had to pay for our flights.

We flew out from Luton with Monarch Airlines and it was an uneventful flight. I only took my first flight in 2015 and it was to Gibraltar then. A lot of people said I was crazy because Gibraltar has one of the most extreme airports in the world but honestly, as I am not afraid of flying, I had no problem with it.


Gibraltar is a strange place to visit as a Brit – it is like going to a small portion of England with a big rock and everyone drives on the wrong side of the road. The flora and fauna is different to the UK – there is no soil on the rock so all the flora grows straight from the nutrients in the rock and there are Barbary Apes up the rock – but there are familiar road signs and a Morrisons.




One of the few things we did during our trip, apart from catching up with sleep, was go on a guided tour of The Rock of Gibraltar. If you are thinking of visiting, I would definitely recommend doing the minibus tour. It cost us £22 each (another thing that is bizarre for a Brit in Gibraltar is that you fly for 3 hours and then you can still spend your normal currency!)  and the tour lasted around an hour and a half. Our tour guide was really knowledgeable and the tour was super interesting.



It feels like forever ago since we were away now even though it’s actually only been a week!

We filmed some bits of our time away and edited them together into a short video which I will link here in case anyone wants to watch it!

Stay Safe and Wonderful and Happy Travels!

Lexy x


Inside My Head – Anxiety and The Luggage

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are well and enjoying the more common appearances of the sunshine!

I’ve spoken before on here about my battles with anxiety and depression and I wanted to just tell a quick story about how anxiety can be so unreasonable but difficult to silence.

My husband and I went to Gibraltar to visit his sister, her partner and their little girl and we had a lovely time.

However, my anxiety hit me on the way to the airport to catch out flight. My In-Laws kindly drove us to the airport so we didn’t  have to pay extortionate amounts for airport car parking so we all go in the car and as we were getting in I asked my husband if we had anything including our main suitcase of luggage. He assured me that his dad had already put the suitcase in and we were good to go.

All fine.

Until we were on the M1. And suddenly worry hit me. Is the case definitely in the boot? I haven’t seen it. What if he asked his dad and his dad misheard and the case wasn’t in there? If the case wasn’t in there, would we have time to go back for it? We can’t stop on the M1 to check but I wish I had checked before we left to see the suitcase.

I trust my husband, of course I do, and this is where the anxiety shows how truly unreasonable it is. I trust him and he said it was in there but I could not quiet the little voice in my head telling me it wasn’t there. And if it wasn’t there, we wouldn’t have time to go back for it. I was listening out for noises in the boot to confirm that the case was in there and sliding about but I couldn’t hear anything. I could feel the panic rising but I did manage to keep calm through the car journey.

I cannot express the relief, when we got to the airport, to see my husband pulling our suitcase out of the boot of the car.

I just wanted to share this story with you to say that anxiety is a real issue and it makes us worry about things that other people would think are silly but do not be ashamed to worry about things. You are not alone. We stand together.

Stay Safe and Wonderful

Lexy x

Silicone Make-Up Sponge- A Review

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all well.

Today I wanted to talk about one of the latest Beauty Crazes – the Silicone Make Up Sponge. A lot of people wear foundation or CC Cream and use a variety of ways to put them onto their faces – A brush, a sponge or their fingers usually.

There’s now a new applicator on the scene – the silicone sponge. These feel, in my opinion, very similar to a bra insert.


I had heard a few people talking about these and decided to get my hands on one to give it a try. I will be honest and I ordered mine from eBay so it only cost me around £2.50. I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit much money to something I thought might be a fad. Because eBay has a lot of wonderful things on it, it also had silicone make up sponges with stars on it, and as a sucker for stars, this is the one I went for.


So how does it perform?

I have found that I use less foundation using the silicone sponge. One pump will definitely do my entire face where with a brush I am using at least a pump and a half if not two.

The finish I get is good, but I wouldn’t say it was any better than when I use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. It does blend well at the edges but I think it’s easier to get a flawless finish by buffing out using a brush.

The shape of this particular beauty sponge I find makes getting into the awkward spaces a little tricky, like around your nose. I have 2 nose piercings as well so that’s especially awkward compared to the bristles of a brush.

As for cleaning, this is a dream. You just need some warm water – or micellar water and a piece of cotton wool- and it’s clean. Because of this it’s a great time saving device and it also means I feel more confident that the sponge is 100% clean and much more hygienic than even a well cleansed brush.


Overall I would say that the sponge was definitely worth the small amount of money I paid for it. I do really like it but I wouldn’t be throwing out my brushes just yet. I do, however, want to try the Evie Blender which is a silicone blender but in a more traditional beauty blender style. It is egged shaped for getting into the difficult parts of your face and it also slightly textured so you get a similar application to a sponge.

I would definitely like to try a different shaped silicone sponge, for getting around my nose more easily and I recommend adding a silicone beauty sponge to your make up kit!

I hope you found this helpful. Have any of you used a silicone sponge? Do you have any tips for using one?

Stay Safe and Wonderful!

Lexy x

Fly Me to the Moon…

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the slightly warmer weather.

I received a very exciting package in the post the other day from the wonderful Sugar and Vice Designs – I mean I was expecting it because I ordered it but I wasn’t expecting to adore it quite as much as I did.


Firstly, I think we need to talk about the outside packaging. My delivery came in this gorgeous prismatic, holographic jiffy bag with this wonderful sticker on the back. I think even if it had contained nothing but air I would still have been pretty happy to receive this!


The box that contained my goodies also has a holographic print on which I always appreciate and my husband always enjoys the free sweetie contained within!


Now onto the real point of this post – the wonder within the packaging! I ordered the beautiful Solar System necklace in the original colour way on a chunky gold chain. The original colour way is where the planets are coloured in a traditional way (so Mars is red and Earth is blue) but this necklace does come in the Galaxy colour way where the planets are more unexpected colours (Mars is blue and Earth is purple).


I opted for the 18 inch chain because I thought it would look nicer slightly longer and it gave me the option to put it under a shirt colour or layer it with a choker. I also opted to go for the gold chain as opposed to the silver or gunmetal options because I liked the look of it on Sugar and Vice’s website.


I really adore this necklace. It’s beautifully made with each planet attached to the next with a series of metal links. I’ve worn it out already and already had quite a few comments on it!

I’ve always loved Sugar and Vice and this necklace is no different. I highly recommend ordering from them. The products are beautiful and interesting and the people behind it are friendly, helpful and imaginative.

Happy Shopping!

Stay Safe and Wonderful

Lexy x

Where Have I Been?

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you are well and enjoying the first signs of spring that have started to show themselves. I am definitely enjoying the longer days. I am a very seasonal person – I very much enjoy the change. I look forward to winter coming but by February I start to long for the summer and likewise once October starts I long for the cold, cosy nights.

This blog post is ANOTHER apology for my absence. I say an apology – an explanation as I feel like I need to stop feeing constantly guilty (this is something I am going to discuss further on).

If I am honest, for a little while now I have felt uninspired. I have a very long list of posts that I want to share with you all but I just haven’t been able to put my mind to it.

My “real job” has been taking up a lot of my time – it’s been busy, taxing and tiring and quite often I have been coming home, having tea and then going to bed. The other aspect of this means that I’ve been neglecting my husband a little bit. So instead of tying myself to my laptop in my free time I have been trying to do more with him – just simple things like cooking dinner and watching movies.

I also suffer from depression and anxiety – and according to my hubby I’ve been suffering lately more than I realised. In hindsight, he is correct. I’ve felt lethargic and disinterested in things hence the lack of blogging, which are symptoms of depression.  I’ve also been suffering from anxiety really badly which I have definitely been aware of. I’m constantly beating myself up about small mistakes at work and how I’ve been as a friend and generally worrying that I’ve upset people. It’s exhausting but sometimes I just cannot switch off my brain.

So what does this mean for my little corner of the internet? I’m still going to get content up. I really enjoy sharing stuff online and I look forward to looking back on it in years to come. However, I am not going to pressurise myself into strictly following the schedule I had put in place. I will definitely try but if I miss a week, I miss a week.

We have just started a good spring clean so I am hoping that tidy home means tidy mind so I can get back on track.

Stay Safe and Wonderful!
Lexy x