It’s Beginning to Smell a bit like Christmas…

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all well and haven’t caught the office cold, like I have.

I am sitting here writing this in my pink, unicorn onesie listening to Chris Rea which can only mean one thing – No, not that I am too old for a pink, unicorn onesie – but that Christmas will be upon us sooner than you can say “Christmas Candy Canes Cause Cavities!”

It also means that this is one of my absolute favourite times to shop at Lush. Don’t get me wrong, I always enjoy Lush but winter and the Christmas break brings more excuses and time for luxurious bath times and the Lush Christmas exclusives are always magical.



The Fairy Family

Would it be a Christmas Lush haul without including Snow Fairy? I don’t think so! This year, I may have gone a little over board and got several members from the family because I just love the scent!


Snow Fairy Shower Gel

The original, and probably still the best, member of the Snow Fairy family – the shower gel. The shower gel is bright pink with glitter – as a 30 year old sitting in a pink, unicorn onesie – I think it goes without saying that this is right up my street. The smell is as sweet as the colour. It smells like bubblegum with a hint of pear drops. It’s like sugar in a bottle but without ruining your teeth.

I bought the 500g bottle because I like to try and make it last for the entire year. It is now also available as a “Naked” shower gel in that it doesn’t come in a plastic bottle. It isn’t a soap (the ingredients are different) but it does travel like one. It means you don’t need to worry about liquid allowances if you wanted to take your fairy with you on a plane! Not only that but, if you are trying to be more environmentally conscious, there is no plastic waste.


Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb

Next up in the Snow Fairy family is the new Jelly Bomb. This is actually the first jelly bomb I’ve purchased from Lush. It’s a pink and white spherical bath bomb feature big white spots and, my favourite, stars.

I haven’t used this in the bath yet, but it smells exactly like the shower gel and the jelly is supposed to be super moisturising which my skin will really appreciate!


Magic Wand

This is a reusable bubble bar on a stick to make it a sugary, magical wand. It’s the Snow Fairy fragrance again which also turns the water of the bath a sweet candy pink. You can either hold the star under the running tap or you can swish it around in the water. It’s a baby pink star completely covered in silver glitter, on a wooden stick, completed with a silver ribbon and a tiny little (working!) bell. The silver glitter does come off after the first use but the smell remains the same. The only issue I’ve ever had with these in the past is that eventually I found that the star will fall off the stick. It’s still usable though!


Candy Mountain

Another favourite, Snow Fairy scented item with a slightly innuendo-y name. Candy Mountain is a bubble bar that creates heaps of snow fairy, candy scented bubbles. You can use the entire thing at once for oodles of bubbles or you can break it into bits to get more baths out of it. I usually break mine just because I don’t want to run out but I might use a whole one for a truly decadent bath!


The Magic of Christmas 

This reusable bubble bar does exactly what it says in the name. A more festive bathroom treat I know not. This golden star is fixed to a cinnamon stick tied with a red ribbon and bell and the star is studded with cloves and a star anise. It smells of oranges and cloves and cinnamon and all those festive, warming, cosy smells. I love it. As with the Magic Wand, the only problem I have is that the star will sometimes fall off.


Butter Bear

This cute little bear in his little scarf is your winter skin, bath time saviour. He is infused with cocoa butter that melts into your bath and into your skin, leaving you moisturised after your bath. The winter takes its toll on my skin with the heating drying me out and making my eczema a lot worse (my feet are particularly bad at the moment) but I find popping this little buddy in my bath gives my skin some relief. He smells of vanilla too so he is a nice light fragrance and not over powering.


Star Light Star Bright

This is a simply glorious bath melt. It is very buttery as when I got it out of the box, I had quite warm hands, and it started to melt and leave a huge thumb print on it. It is absolutely covered in silver glitter and has a soft citrus scent. I haven’t used this particular bath melt before but the other one I’ve used left my skin feeling amazing and shimmery. The lush website says that this one turns your bath water a lavender colour so I imagine it will look like a glittery dusk. I am very excited to get this one in the bath!


Sympathy for the Skin

I’ve spoken about this moisturiser before and as I previously mentioned, my skin is already becoming upset by the change in weather so I thought it was time to repurchase this gem. I got a bigger pot this time so hopefully it will last all through the season even if I use it generously.



This blue marbled bath bomb smells like mint and chocolate. Those who know me will know that mint chocolate chip ice cream is my absolute favourite so when I saw Lush had released this bath bomb I knew I had to buy it! This also contains popping candy so it will pop in your bath – don’t be alarmed!


Shoot for the Stars

This is another repeat buy – I bought this bath bomb last year because it is simply beautiful. It’s a beautiful cobalt blue colour scattered with gold, glittery stars. (Did I mention I love stars?). It smells wonderfully citrussy and turns the bath water into a glorious starry night sky. I love this one.


Golden Wonder

Along with The Magic of Christmas, the is one of the most festive items I got. It is a golden present. Gold, Glittery, Gift. This is another citrus scented bath bomb and it also turns the water turquoise with gold shimmy so it creates a golden night sky in your tub. Again, I haven’t used this one yet this year but I do seem to remember it containing lots of little stars! This year Golden Wonder also comes in a GIANT version which would be an extra special Christmas treat for yourself or someone else this year.

I hope this post has inspired your next visit to Lush, whether it is to treat yourself or someone special this winter.

Let me know what you’re loving from Lush and if there’s anything I’ve missed that I really need to try out!

Stay Safe and Wonderful
Lexy x


Falling in Love with Make Up Again…

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all well and looking forward to enjoying an extra hour in bed this weekend. I know I am.

I wanted to talk about make up today – Last Sunday I actually took the time to do a proper full face of make up and I really loved the results.


I used to really enjoy applying make up and creating looks. I used to watch exciting make up tutorials on YouTube all the time (VintageorTacky was one of my biggest inspirations) and I was constantly trying new things.

As I’ve got older and worked 9-5 jobs, I’ve taken less time to do my make up. Especially in the mornings – most days I barely put any more on than a basic base and mascara. I rarely take a whole day to get ready to go out any more, where I have time to try and put a look together, make a mess and start over.

A while back, I bought The Burgundy Bar Palette from Maybelline because I saw it and was just drawn to the beautiful autumnal colours and couldn’t help myself. So, last weekend I decided to actually use it! I really adore the colours in this palette and, for the price, it is really good quality. The shadows are fairly creamy and have a decent amount of pigment.



I teamed the look with some dramatic winged eyeliner – something that, these days, I am really nervous of doing. I used to think my winged liner skills were quite good but these days I tend to shy away from doing it in case it goes wrong and I have to start again. I’ve been using the Boujois Liner Clubbing (which feels like it should be Clubbing Liner) recently because it has a very delicate brush which is my preferred liquid eyeliner applicator.

I’ve been trying out The Ordinary Colours foundations recently and I do plan to do a full review on these soon – but for this blog I think that the one I used (the Serum Foundation) worked really well and my skin looked really perfect.

To finish the look, I opted for the Tanya Burr Lipstick in Pink Cocoa. I really like this shade, it’s a nudey shade that I just find really flatters my skin tone and goes with most make up looks. I do think that this look would also suit a dark berry lip or with a classic red lip.


All in all, I love this look and I am really happy that I took the time out on a Sunday to put it together. I wasn’t even planning on going out (we did go to Aldi in the end!) but it was just nice to feel inspired and to have a play.




Stay Safe and Wonderful,
Lexy x

The Witching Hour is Upon Us… And it’s bed time!

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all well and enjoying kicking through crisp leaves as much as I am.

Now that we are well into autumn, I think it’s the right time to talk about bed linen. Because, let’s not lie, most of us will be spending a lot more time cuddled up in bed or in our duvets. I’m starting to struggle to pull myself out of bed in the mornings now that it is dark so it seems like the right time to speak about gorgeous (and affordable!) bedding.


Our current bed linen is actually from good ol’ ASDA. We went in to do our weekly food shop and came out with a whole new set of bed linen – pillow cases and sheets, the whole works!


This duvet set features very cute kittens in witchy/wizardy get ups – including pointy hats and broomsticks – and the reverse side is just covered in gorgeous, little stars. It’s available in the usual sizes- single, double, king and super king – and included a duvet cover and pillow cases (the king size set I have comes with 2 cases but I imagine the single only comes with 1).

This set is super cute, super soft and even husband* approved!


To complete the magical theme, and to add a bit more extra squishy, comfort is this Hogwarts cushion. It’s a monochrome version of the Hogwarts (from Harry Potter) logo, on a white, cotton cushion and it came from Primark and only cost £10!

The cotton case is fairly thick and feels like it will wear well. The cushion also comes with the inner part as well so you don’t need to bring your own and it is very plump and cuddly.



Let me know if you have any suggestions for snuggly, winter home accessories and bargains!

Stay Safe and Wonderful,
Lexy x

*Well, my husband likes it!

The First (Paper) Cut (Anniversary) is the Deepest…

Hello lovelies,

I hope you’re keeping well and are not too sad to see autumn starting in earnest.

Some of you may know, that at the end of August, my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. I cannot believe a year has passed already – it feels like forever but also no time at all.


I think anniversary gifts can be a tricky business, especially to think of something special and, if you’ve been together for a while, something original.

Traditionally, the first wedding anniversary is your “Paper” anniversary in the same way that 25 years is your silver anniversary so I’ve put together a few suggestions for gifts.


A Personalised Star Chart

I actually got my husband, as his main anniversary gift, a personalised star chart of the sky above us on the day we got married.
I got one from Not on the High Street and then bought a frame separately.
You could also get a star map of the day you first met or your first date if you fancied.


A Book

I feel like a book may be an obvious gift for a paper anniversary gift but sometimes simple and classic is a good way to go.
Why not get them the biography or autobiography of someone they really like or admire?
Also I think the Our Q & A A Day book is an excellent gift choice. The book spans 3 years and has a question printed on every single day such as “If you didn’t have any responsibilities for the day, what would you do?” or “If you could design a Hallowe’en customer for your partner, what would it be?” and you fill in the year and each of you answers. I think it’s a really nice way to record your lives and how they change over the course of 3 years.


A Note Book

If your partner is one of those people, like myself, who loves to write lists or notes, why not treat them to a nice new notebook?
This one is just a glittery one I picked up in Tiger but if you really wanted something nice why not get them a personalised one?



This is a really wide spectrum of things from train tickets – maybe back to the place you met or had your first date? – or plane tickets – maybe to a place you’ve always wanted to explore together? – or maybe to the theatre to see a new play or your favourite musical?


Let me know what you thought of these ideas and anything you got for your first wedding anniversary?

Stay Safe and WonderfuL
Lexy x


Inside My Head: Anxiety and the Solo Mission

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are well and that you are as excited for autumn as I am. I’ve been doing some AW17 shopping already and I couldn’t be happier!

I wanted to write a short blog about an experience I had recently. It’s not going to be long but I was proud of myself and I wanted to document it for posterity and in case this helps someone else to face some of their demons.

Last Monday, was a Bank Holiday here in the UK and I wanted to go to London. (In part to try and get my hands on the HufflePuff hoody from Primark). Sadly, my husband didn’t really feel up to going to London and he wanted to just chill at home. I was left with a dilemma, did I go on my own, with no security blanket (husband) or stay at home and feel like I hadn’t made the most of my extra day off

I stressed myself out about it for quite some time. Would I be ok on the train? Would it be packed? What if I got lost? All these things crossed my mind. I very nearly stayed home. But I decided to challenge myself and go. On my own. To the big smoke.


Many years ago, travel wasn’t scary for me. In fact, I’m not entirely sure where my travel anxiety has stemmed from.

I have had a problem with buses since I was a teenager, stemming from being bullied for many years but travel in general has blossomed later. I’ve always been a “I’d rather be 3 hours early for a train than miss it and wait for another one” but recently I’ve felt a sap in my confidence to navigate and get myself from A to B.

Ironically, the tube has never been something that’s bothered me, even with my worsening travel anxiety. I think this might be because I have been on the tube since I was very small, my dad would often take me into London.


I took myself off on the train (I did get a lift to the station) and I went into Central London and walked the entire length of Oxford St. I spent too much money and I didn’t feel very anxious. There was a moment when I got to the station to come home and I wasn’t sure which carriages were going to take me home and I did have a mild panic but the lovely lady train guard helped me out.

Basically, I just wanted to say well done to myself for taking a risk and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I hope this will help give other people the confidence to do the same and remind you to give yourself a pat on the back when you do push yourself and overcome your demons.

Stay Safe and Wonderful
Lexy x

P.S. Never did get the hoody!

Mucking About in Boats!

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all well and that the Great British Summer isn’t bringing you down too much. I won’t lie, I personally love autumn and I am starting to get a bit excited for the season – I may have already started buying AW17 fashion!

Before the weather turned horrendous (or after it did and then we had a brief weekend of semi sunshine) my husband and I hired out a boat on the Thames and spent the day on the river with a couple of our friends.


We arrived fairly early and the boys learnt how to pilot the boat and where the route would take us whilst we powdered our noses – if you’re going to be on the water for a while it’s worth making sure you have a bathroom break before you start!


We picked up the boat from Surbiton and took it up as far as Walton-on-Thames. During the trip we got to experience a couple of locks – it’s not the way you would expect. There’s a lock-keeper looking after the lock and the boats and it’s all done electronically – there is no winding involved!


The route takes you past Hampton Court Palace (which is worth a visit if you’re ever in the area!) and under Hampton Court bridge. You also pass quite a few gorgeous houses and you meet a few of the locals!


We stopped at a pub in Walton-on-Thames called The Anglers where we stopped for a drink. The food menu looked amazing but as we bought a picnic and had snacked most of the way we didn’t stop to enjoy the fare.


After we had refreshed at the pub, we made our return journey. Unfortunately, and somewhat hilariously, our boat had engine failure on the way back. We lost nearly all power and had to be rescued!


All in all, we had a wonderful day. I got seriously sunburnt because it was overcast for a lot of the day and I didn’t realise how strong the sun’s rays were!

If you’re looking for a fun day out with friends, I highly recommend hiring out a boat! Let me know if you guys have ever hired a boat and any good routes or if you have any questions about our day out.

I shall catch up with you all soon!

Stay Safe and Wonderful,
Lexy x

50 Shades of Overcast – The London Aquarium

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you are well and have been making the most of the longer daylight hours we have been enjoying of late.

It’s been a while since I did a 50 Shades of Overcast but recently I headed out to London with some of my favourite people and went to The London Aquarium.

IMG_2529What is it?

As you may have suspected – it’s an aquarium located in London. It has plenty to see including sharks, fish, penguins and sea turtles. There is a new exhibit about jelly fish now as well. There are also daily feeds of the creatures and daily talks as well.


How do I get there?

The Aquarium is on the South Bank of the River Thames, located very close to the London Eye. Once you have got into central London, it is a short walk from either Waterloo or Charing Cross main line stations or from Waterloo and Embankment underground stations. The London Eye and the South Bank are clearly signposted and the Aquarium is clearly marked when you get close to it.


What should I wear?

The aquarium is all indoors and some of the exhibits are tropical so it is generally quite warm and there is no real need to wrap up warm. You will probably be walking to the aquarium though so it is worth taking into account whether you may get rained on on the way! Comfortable shoes are a must as there is quite a lot of walking involved and a few flights of stairs. If you are wrapped up warm for the outside, bear in mind that there isn’t a cloakroom so you will be carrying your bits all the way round.


What about food?

The aquarium doesn’t have any eating facilities nor does it have a picnic area for you to eat anything you have bought with you. However, as it is located on the South Bank there are plenty of places to ear near by. When we went, The Underbelly Festival was on so there were all sorts of pop up places selling refreshments. As you exit the aquarium, there is a handily placed McDonald’s but on this day we opted to go to Five Guys at Charing Cross.


How much does it cost?

In my opinion The Aquarium is quite expensive as it is not a “whole day” attraction and only really lasts a couple of hours. Tickets for an adult, when booked online start at £20.40 or when bought at the door are £26 each. For a child, the tickets online start at £16.30 and are £21 on the door. There are often offers available however, and we got a buy one get one free offer with Kelloggs. Sea Life is also part of the Merlin Group which means you get discounts and free visits if you are a Merlin Pass holder.


Anything else I should know?

It’s worth booking a timed arrival slot online so you will not arrive at the aquarium and be told that the wait is hours long. It’s also worth noting that is does get busier during school holidays and at weekends. There’s also a fair few levels to traverse so there are some stair to deal with, however, there are lifts on site. At busy times you may have to wait for the lifts as they are not the biggest. The toilets are also quite well hidden, so you may need to find a member of staff to ask them to direct you.

You will have your photo taken on your way in, and made to do some interesting poses, which you can purchase at the end of your day.


I hope you find this blog useful, please feel free to ask any questions or let me know of any recent trip you’ve made to the aquarium and what your favourite part was!

Stay Safe and Wonderful

Lexy x